What is Rehabilitation?

Medical Rehabilitation aims to enhance and restore functional ability and quality of life to those with physical impairments or disabilities after injuries or surgeries. This can be achieved by assessing the impairments, correcting the imbalances, healing the tissues, and adding movement and exercise to restore functional ability.

What is Prehab?

At Balance, we focus on prehabilitation, a mode of practice to avoid injuries and pain before they occur.  Using specific exercises and treatment modalities, we are able increase strength and stability, improve mobility which will decrease the risk for future injuries.

Active Rehab Program

The purpose of an Active Rehab Program is to help improve patients’ function and movement skills.  Each individual will have a tailored program, consisting of a complete assessment, treatment and prehab plan.  These programs can be effective for Motor Vehicle Accident (MVA) patients, individuals or teams looking to improve strength and conditioning.

Every Physiotherapy Assessment will include education, information on the diagnosis, and a treatment plan to help you reach your goals. Please make sure you take the time to ask questions during your sessions so you understand the treatment plan.

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