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Functional Dry Needling (Intramuscular Stimulation)

Physiotherapists use dry needling (I.M.S) as a method to treat a wide variety of conditions. Depending on the condition, I.M.S can be a great way to treat pain and tight muscles.

By stimulating these specific points in the body with needles, this can help improve healing and reduce swelling around tight muscle and joints. Allowing the muscles to work with less pain. This should result in the relief of pain, help improve range of motion, health and well being.

Thin thread-like needles are inserted into the muscle to stimulate the release of trigger points, these are tight areas or knots in the muscle.  By doing this, it helps the physiotherapist reach target tissues and muscles that are not easily palpable by hand.

**Please speak to our Physiotherapists to see what is the right treatment method for you. Get to know our therapists and see what our clinic is all about!

**All needles are always single use, disposable and sterile.

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