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What Are Orthotics?

Balance Physiotherapy & Massage have partnered up with Orthogenic Laboratories to provide patients with the latest in Custom Foot Orthotics. By using the digital model of your foot, Orthogenic Labs is able to use a CNC milling machine to produce lightweight custom orthotics from blocks of EVA foam. EVA is the material used by multi-billion dollar running shoes and orthopedic footwear companies.

The Benefit of this Technology is:

– Full foot contact compared to 1/2 or 3/4 length traditional orthotics.
– Functional, shock absorbing material : through the whole foot instead of 1/2 or 3/4 length orthotics.
– Lightweight, comfortable and compliant orthotic


We carry many off the shelf braces for all body parts including wrist, elbow, ankle, and knee braces. Braces are specific due to body part sizes. If you are looking for a certain brace, stop by and try on the different types of braces for the best fit.


Taping can be a great way to help return to sport. From Ankle taping to K-taping, Balance Physiotherapy & Massage can help you get back to sport. We also carry different types of tape such as Leuko tape, K-tape, and Athletic tape.

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