Massage therapy involves a range of techniques to manipulate the soft tissue, ligaments and joints.  Our purpose is to provide change in the soft tissues to relieve any tension or pain. This will ultimately lead to rehabilitation and recovery of muscles and joints.

We also specialize in pregnancy massage and active release therapy. Please speak to our physiotherapist and massage therapists for more information, so we can help cater to your needs.


Balance Physiotherapy & Massage Neck

Our massage therapists are trained to evaluate and screen for imbalances in the body. Together with the Physiotherapist, our goal is to help you restore function and balance, preventing further injuries from developing.


We do not treat during your first trimester (1st-12th week), 2nd & 3rd trimester we leave up to the discretion of the patient and the massage therapist. Consult with your physician or obstetrician prior to any treatment. We require a letter from your medical physician.

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